Interesting Side by Side Therapy Toronto FAQ

Here are the 10 most asked Side by Side Therapy Toronto Questions

What if my child doesn’t have a diagnosis?

Your child does not need to have a diagnosis to receive treatment from Side by Side Therapy Toronto.  Some parents choose to begin intervention while they’re waiting for a diagnostic appointment or to intervene when there is a singular developmental challenge that needs to be addressed, despite otherwise typical development.

What if I don’t have a current therapy team?

You don’t need to have a therapy team in place to work with Side by Side Therapy Toronto. We can match you with the right therapists.  

How do I pay for this?

Unfortunately, at this time in Ontario, ABA is not regulated and therefore is not covered by most extended health benefits.
Labatt – Better together is a charity run by the Labatt company. They offer a Health Grant that “promote health by providing medical devices, therapies, support services and assistive devices, including: Prosthetics, eyewear, medical equipment, special therapies, respite services, Braille materials, and physiotherapy”. 
If your child has a diagnosis of Autism you should enroll them in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). The province is currently redesigning the OAP to be a needs-based program, meaning that your child will receive funds based on the level of intervention that they require.  The waitlist is lengthy, so it is advisable to put your child on the waitlist as soon as possible.  
Ontario Autism Program
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
P.O. Box 193
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1N3
[email protected]

What are your rates?

Side by Side Therapy Toronto is dedicated to providing interventions to all families.  Please contact us to discuss our hourly rates. A sliding scale is available when finances are a barrier to service.  

Where does therapy happen?

Therapy can happen in your home, at your child’s school, daycare or camp. Some sessions may take place in the community, if the goals lend themselves to that setting (e.g.: at the park to work on gross motor skills or social skills). 

Do I need to purchase my own materials?

Side by Side Therapy Toronto will likely make recommendations of materials that need to be either made or purchased depending on the programs that are in place.  Please direct any questions or concerns to your therapist. 

Who is on the ABA team?

1. Clinical Supervisor 
2. Supervising Therapist (this position is optional, and is often recommended if there more than 20 hours per week of therapy)
3. Registered Behaviour Technician/Instructor Therapist

What is my role?

Side by Side Therapy Toronto believes that parents are the most influential change makers in the lives of children with autism or other special needs.  You play a vital role as an advocate for your child. Equally as important, is your ability to carry over interventions and create consistency for your child.  Children whose parents implement the ABA programs in the same way as the therapeutic team have the best outcomes.  

Do I have to be present for therapy?

It is important that you attend some of the therapy sessions in order to be able to implement the programs consistently.  If you are unable to attend Side by Side Therapy Toronto will work with you to troubleshoot solutions (video taping etc).  

How long will my child be in therapy?

The length of time your child will receive services is based on a number of factors such as the level of support that they require, their school schedule, the number and complexity of the goals that you have for them and more. 

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