Focused Autism Therapy in Toronto

Child refusing to eat spaghetti offered by parent. This is an example of a skill targeted in the autism therapy in Toronto program at Side by Side Therapy.
Let us help you address a specific skill set that your child is having difficulty with in our focused ABA program.

Based in applied behaviour analysis, focused autism therapy in Toronto programs are based in ABA and are designed to improve skills in one or two areas of development. These programs can target behaviours that you would like to increase or behaviours you would like to decrease.

Who would benefit from a focused autism therapy in Toronto program?

Focused autism therapy in Toronto programs are ideal for a child with a limited number of treatment goals or a child with a challenging behaviour that is acute and should be the focus of treatment. Skill building is always an element of focused ABA programs even if the target of the program is behaviour reduction.

This program meets the Ontario Autism Program eligibility criteria.

Steps in Focused Autism Therapy in Toronto Programs

  • Assessment

We begin by reviewing any previous documents related to your child’s treatment. We continue with direct observations and discussions with you and your child’s treatment team to identify a target skill that will be the focus of your child’s focused autism therapy in Toronto program.

  • Plan Development

Following the assessment we will develop your child’s treatment plan. Specific targets for intervention, replacement behaviours, data collection and teaching protocols are all generated on an individual basis. Your team will receive a written behaviour plan (including program targets, prompting procedures, revision and mastery criteria) and sample data sheets.

  • Training and Implementation

We use a Behavioural Skills Training model to teach your team how to implement the behaviour plan. The four steps to this model are: teach, model, rehearse and give feedback. Your team will have an opportunity to practice the new skills before they implement them with your child.

  • Monitoring and Updating

We will closely follow your team’s implementation of the behaviour plan. We will review the data collected by your team. We will work with your team to troubleshoot any issues that arise during the implementation of the behaviour plan.

We will make changes to the behaviour plan as necessary. Examples of changes that might be necessary are: changes to the schedules of reinforcement or changes to the contingencies surrounding the behaviour.

Examples of Focused ABA Programs

  • Establishing instructional control
  • Establishing or increasing communication skills
  • Compliance with dental or medical procedures
  • Enhancing sleep hygiene
  • Establishing or increasing toileting skills
  • Establishing or increasing leisure skills

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