Challenging Behaviour Consultation in Toronto

Challenging Behaviour Consultation in Toronto meeting, parents sitting with behaviour consultant.
Let’s use Applied Behaviour Analysis to improve your child or classroom’s school experience.

Behaviour consultation in Toronto is available to schools, daycares and camps to help staff support children with challenging behaviour. Child-specific or class-wide interventions are available.  Interventions are based in applied behaviour analysis.

Steps in Behaviour Consultation in Toronto Process:

  • Assessment

We will discuss the situation and the presenting problems with you. We will also do an observation. This information gathering step is crucial in the behaviour consultation in Toronto process as it guides the development of the interventions. It might be necessary to complete this step over two or more visits.

  • Plan Development

We develop a plan that is both realistic and effective. You will receive a written protocol describing the steps of the intervention, the reinforcement schedule, the prompting procedure, the revision criteria and the mastery criteria.

  • Training and Implementation

We use a Behavioural Skills Training model to teach your team how to implement the behaviour plan. The four steps to this model are: teach, model, rehearse and give feedback. Your team will have an opportunity to practice the new skills before they implement them.

  • Monitoring and Updating

We will monitor the success of the plan with you. When changes are necessary (as steps are mastered or if something is not working) we will make those changes with you.

Examples of Behaviour Consultation in Toronto Situations

  • Non-compliance or disruptive behaviours
  • Creating opportunities for social skill development
  • Class-wide incentive programs
  • Difficulty with transitions
  • Integration of child with special needs into the classroom or group
  • Creating positive behaviour supports

Read more about the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis publication: Evidence Based Practices for the Treatment of Challenging Behaviour in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Recommendations for Caregivers, Practitioners and Policy Makers here.

The Behaviour Consultation service is meant to be a collaboration. We create plans that are easily implemented and are effective. Having worked in settings where ABA is not the predominant philosophy we are able to collaborate and find solutions that work for your setting.

Contact us to book your 30 minute no-charge consultation today.

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