Helpful Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources for You

The following links and downloads might be helpful in your autism spectrum disorder journey:

Applied Behaviour Analysis: A Parent's Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Applied Behavior Analysis: A Parent’s Guide was created by Autism Speaks. The parent’s guide walks parents through the basics of applied behaviour analysis and provides you with a solid foundation of information.

Behavior Analyst Certification Board Logo, applied behaviour anlaysis

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board is an international organization involved in the credentialing of behaviour analysts in North America. The board works to protect consumers of behaviour analysis by establishing, promoting and disseminating the professional standards of applied behaviour analysis. The BACB credentials 4 designations: BCBA-D, BCBA, BCaBA and RBT.

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The Ontario Autism Program is a provincially funded support program for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder under the age of 18 years who live in Ontario. The program is currently undergoing systematic changes and updates will be posted on the provincial website as they become available. The province is moving towards a needs based program but currently, children under 6 years old are eligible to receive $20,000 annually and children over 6 years old are eligible to receive $5,000. There is a waitlist for funding so it is integral to apply as soon as possible after your child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

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The Ontario Autism Coalition is a grassroots advocacy coalition of parents, autistics and professionals who are dedicated to improving access to funding and resources for people with autism within the province of Ontario. The coalition began in 2005 and is presently one of the biggest advocacy groups in Ontario. On the OAC website you can find numerous resources and access to links to support groups on Facebook.

Image of the cover of the Autism Parent Resource Kit

The Autism Parenting Resource Kit is a resource guide for parents of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. It was created by the province to educate parents and caregivers on the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder, to increase their understanding of the programs and resources that are available and to build capacity in the parents to help their children grow and access supports and services. The guide strove to accomplish these goals through a parent-centred lens.

The guide gives a number of strategies to help parents organize themselves to ensure that they are accessing all of the services to which their child is entitled. Some of the information might be outdated but overall it is still a valuable read.

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