Beneficial Therapeutic Recreation in Toronto

What is therapeutic recreation in Toronto?

Therapeutic Recreation in Toronto: 
Boy and man playing soccer on the pavement

Therapeutic recreation in Toronto is an intervention that addresses cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills. The purpose of Therapeutic Recreation in Toronto is enrichment of a person’s life by developing skills to be as independent as possible. Recreation Therapists will do more than play with your child. They engage your child in learning through the use of recreation and leisure activities.

Autism ABA Therapy Lindsey Malc Side by Side Therapy parents teaching child to ride bike

Your child’s Rec. Therapist will begin by doing an assessment to determine where your child could use help building their skills and determining what their preferences are in terms of recreation. After the assessment they will develop goals for your child and will share these goals with you. Your input is valuable because the Rec. Therapist wants to ensure that the skills that are being taught are relevant to your family’s lifestyle and values. For example if your child would benefit from a gross motor strengthening activity, the Rec. Therapist might recommend learning to ride a bike, if this is something your family enjoys doing together.

No diagnosis is necessary for therapeutic recreation in Toronto to be effective for your child. Recreation is universal. You can learn more about the benefits of therapeutic recreation in toronto here.

Our Rec. Therapists work as part of our transdisciplinary team to address all of your child’s needs in a comprehensive way. We will ensure that your child’s TR goals align with the rest of their treatment goals. 

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