Adult playing on the floor with a toddler.

Respite is a service that allows family members and those who are caregivers to people with special needs an opportunity to rest and relax without guilt. Respite workers will engage with your child in a meaningful way and give you a reprieve from the physical and emotional stresses of caring for a special needs child.

Respite can happen at your home or in the community, depending on your child’s interests and your preferences. Some examples of respite activities include:

Woman walking with a baby in a stroller at the park.
  • Playing at home
  • Going to the movies
  • Going to the park
  • Swimming
  • Doing arts and crafts

Accessing respite services for your family is critical to maintaining your health and provides opportunities for your child to enjoy experiences that you might not think to offer.

Baby swimming in a pool.

Respite services are available during the day, evening or on the weekends.