Effective Occupational Therapy in Toronto

Occupational Therapy in Toronto, child playing with a sensory bin with therapist.

Why choose occupational therapy in Toronto?

Occupational Therapy in Toronto can address a variety of issues that children experience. Leisure, productivity and self-care are the general areas that an OT can focus on. More specifically, the following are other possible areas of intervention: fine or gross motor, printing and handwriting, prescription of assistive technology, equipment recommendations and environmental modifications, better sleep/sleep hygiene, leisure activities, improved self-care, improved attention and focus, improved organizational skills, improved self-regulation skills, prevocational and vocational skills. 

When your child begins occupational therapy in Toronto, the therapist will do an assessment to determine the possible goals for treatment.  Once the assessment has been completed the therapist will explain the results to you and will suggest goals. They will discuss the most ideal treatment schedule with you.  

No diagnosis is necessary for intervention with an OT to be recommended or effective. 

Occupational Therapy in Toronto, child playing with sensory disks

Our OTs work as part of our transdisciplinary team, when necessary, to address all of your child’s needs in a comprehensive way. We will ensure that your child’s OT goals align with the rest of their treatment goals. 

Our OTs are registered with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario. 

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