Lindsey is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) from Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. She practices Applied Behaviour Analysis. Lindsey’s practice is geared towards preschool, school aged and adolescent clients.

Photo of Lindsey Malc, Behaviour Analyst

Lindsey became a BCBA in 2013. She has a Masters of Applied Disability Studies from Brock University. She also holds an Honours Bachelors of Social Work degree from Lakehead University.

During high school, Lindsey worked at Centre Camp, facilitating the summer camp experiences of children with special needs. Lindsey began her formal career in 2004 as a classroom assistant.

She has worked with dozens of families in private schools, in a therapy clinic and in the community. Lindsey has held many positions during her career, from classroom assistant to Behaviour Analyst. She has worked with preschool aged children, school aged children and adolescents.

For over 10 years, Lindsey worked at a private school and treatment centre called Zareinu Educational Centre (now known as Kayla’s Children Centre). At Zareinu, Lindsey was exposed to a number of other disciplines and their methods have shaped her practice. Lindsey developed an eclectic practice that respects the value that these allied disciplines bring.

In her time at Zareinu, Lindsey was able to expand her knowledge of a number of evidence-based interventions for autism spectrum disorder. She received advanced training in the Structured Teaching Method (TEACCH) and introductory training in the Early Start Denver Model.

Lindsey is an Ontario Autism Program approved Clinical Supervisor. As a Clinical Supervisor Lindsey is skilled at designing and supervising ABA programs for children with autism spectrum disorder. She is able to create comprehensive as well as focused ABA programs. Lindsey designs programs that are evidence-based, effective and meaningful.

Comprehensive programs address many domains of learning while focused programs specifically target one skill set. The aim of comprehensive ABA programs is to more closely align your child’s level of functioning with typically developing peers.

A theme in Lindsey’s work has been addressing challenging behaviours. Lindsey utilizes Functional Behaviour Assessments and Functional Analyses to determine the function of behaviour before creating function based interventions.

Lindsey is focused on empowering families to address the challenging behaviour of their children. She is devoted to working with the family team to improve the quality of life for both the child and the family. She believes that teaching the parents is one of the best ways to impact the child.

When she’s not working Lindsey enjoys crocheting, reading and binge watching tv shows from the early 2000’s.